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scm related dynamic files


Suggestion to place scm related dynamic files by preference into separate (sub-)dirs whenever that is easily configurable.
Such practice could make it easier to manage inclusion/exclusion with backup.

Jason W:
Currently that location is /opt/scm/APPNAME, and then a symlink exists inside the scm pointing to that location.  Is this the kind of location that is meant? 

Not being very familiar with scm as of yet I hadn't noticed that location.

What I had noticed is that scm apps I tried left config & data files in ~/
So my idea would be that e.g. instead of writing to ~/.config an scm app would write to ~/.config/scm or ~/.config_scm or to ~/.appname_scm instead of ~/.appname

I don't like that idea.
Why should xchat.tcz and xchat.scm have different config directories.  That would make switching from one to the other impractical.


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