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[SOLVED] Unable to run gnu screen

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I'm running TinyCore CLI only (latest release) on an old Toshiba Satellite (details available here- www.toshiba-europe.com/computers/products/notebooks/satellitepro460cdt/product.shtm), I would like to run GNU screen in the framebuffer and to that end added all screen files from the repository to /mnt/sda1/tce/optional, as well as ncurses and ncurses-common, dependencies. I then load the extensions with

--- Code: ---tce-load ncurses
tce-load screen
--- End code ---

Both load fine. But when I type "screen" I get an error message saying "Cannot open your terminal '/dev/tty1' - please check".
Investigating further, it appears that I can't switch tty's with alt+F# either.
How can i get this functionality?


Until you get a more competent answer...
IIRC, there is a bootcode... multivt??

As a quick hack here is what I would use:

--- Code: ---sudo openvt <vtnum> su - tc
--- End code ---

Not sure how apropriate this is though...

AFAIK, the devs have configured Core without virtual terminals.
tinypoodle's bootcode suggestion might give you them back, but i dunno either. 

I haven't touch screen in a while but i do know that tmux should work pretty well out of the box.
(you do need to set the terminal type in a tmux.conf file to allay some error msgs).  there is also a slightly buggy splitvt extension in the repo.

Yep, the default is only one VT to save RAM, with the multivt bootcode you get six. No idea about screen.

Thanks all; I'll give this a try.


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