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USB support for Citrix XenDesktop


I would like to use TC as the OS for thinclients for Citrix XenDesktop. I managed to arrange most of the things; one thing that doesn't work is USB dynamic mapping; this allows a user to plug an USB pendrive into the TC thinclient and see it dynamically 'appear' onto the Citrix VDI session.

By now I only managed to see the USB pendrives in the VDI session AFTER I mounted it in TC.

Here are the prerequisites that I think are missing:

...libcap1 or libcap2, and udev support.
LibPCSCLite 1.5.6

A compatible version of udev could not be located!

A compatible version of libcap could not be located!
Warning - Some USB dependencies are missing!

Do you think it's possible to have them as extensions?


Hi robcar
I'm not sure if I understand what you are asking, but if you are looking for Tinycore to auto mount USB devices, it
does not do that. There are several threads in the forum on that subject however.


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