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opera9.scm localization issues


i decided to install opera9.scm in addition to the opera-11.scm
(sometimes handy to have different browsers for different tasks)
but it turned out that there are localization issues

localized tabs and localized pages content
but drop-down menu is not localized
which may be reason?

Every version of Opera with static Qt acts like that (builtin font for the menus). Opera11 doesn't use Qt any more.

sorry, i do not quite understand
ie this can't be corrected in opera9?

This can't be corrected in opera9-static-qt.

This bug is not there on opera9 with shared qt, but having such a SCM would be loads bigger (qt3 + opera9-shared + fonts + ....), and IIRC qt3 required Xorg too.

thank you very much for explanation
now i understood what the problem


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