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mkvtoolnix needs libebml.so.0 libmatroska.so.0

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the versions which get provided by the respective dependencies are newer versions of libebml.so.0 libmatroska.so.0

they have a .3 at the end now.

I'm afraid I consider 3.x deprecated by now. The issue also seems to affect 4.x, but an extension built there would likely not work on 3.x.

IOW, you're welcome to update mkvtoolnix for 3.x, given that you care about 3.x more than I do :)

I'll get an update for 4.x out soon.

Uh, scratch that. The latest mkvtoolnix needs Ruby and a newer Boost, among other things.

Post #3 in row, heh.

With the latest being such a PITA to build, it turned out to be easier to restore the -0 versions, named separately, and adjust the mkvtoolnix dep file.

This was done for both 3.x and 4.x, both should work now.

cool, I just tried updating from distro.ibiblio.org, but I still see the .3 versions only.
I was about to suggest just going back (sadly this fixes more stuff than when going forward). But I wasn't sure about the other possibilities either.


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