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ffmpeg depends on jack.tcz


why does every "up"dates make tinycore worse?
what once was tiny is now libraries depending on all other libraries.

I found out I could change the .dep file so it points to jack-lib.tcz

But also, every time I press "update .dep files" my customized .dep files fixing some of this dependency mess get overwritten. Is there some recommended way to handle this?

Yes, for extensions that other extensions don't depend on. You'd rename ffmpeg.tcz to myffmpeg.tcz, and then updates for it or deps wouldn't touch it.

dep files. of course, will be used during updates as many times an updated extension has a new or changed dependency. Witness the recent wpa_supplicant.

You may change the name to avoid but note that also results in such never again being updated.

To avoid dependencies use scm style extensions.

Thanks for the suggestion, I will look deeper into scm when I come to solving my driver issues with current kernels.


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