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apps and scmapps popups issues

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1. gnu wget utf8 displaying in appscm popups
when busybox wget is used for downloading
then popup log looks without any complaints
but if loaded wget.tcz & wget-locale.tcz
and lang boot code has utf8 encoding
then popup log  looks unreadable

maybe need make alias to busybox wget?

2. interrupted installation in apps (tcz browser)
after installation beginning
pops a window with installation log

first are displayed downloaded deps files
and then starts extensions downloading
for example applied to libreoffice.tcz

--- Code: ---libreoffice.tcz.dep OK
xulrunner.tcz.dep OK
nss.tcz.dep OK
gst-plugins-base.tcz.dep OK
gstreamer.tcz.dep OK
libtheora.tcz.dep OK
libvorbis.tcz.dep OK
silgraphite.tcz.dep OK
dejavu-fonts-ttf.tcz.dep OK
--- End code ---
if abort the installation process at this stage
then in tce/optional remain trash as deps files
which not determined by tcz audit tools
and should be resolved only manually
(in earlier versions was impossible
to break installation such way)

3. successful report after installation breaking
both scm and tcz browsers after installation breaking
show yellow notice about successful installation

--- Code: ---libreoffice.tcz OK.
--- End code ---

--- Code: ---clamav.scm OK.
--- End code ---

may needed to handle values returned from popups?

used version is 4.5.4

Calling busybox wget is valid and it will be done.

In fact the status of the popup (wget) is checked by way of expected returned value of md5sum of downloaded extension. It in fact works as expected. It is NOT EXPECTED that YOU purposefully abort.

However, I can and will DUPLICATE the md5sum check after return from wget to handle YOUR purposefully caused abortion. Note however, if YOU decide to abort by pulling the plug or otherwise turning off the computer, I will not be able to handle.

i somehow not thought about such extreme ways to breaking installation :D

Looking at the source, Apps GUI call tce-load which already calls busybox wget. OS core functions need to remain with a known base, i.e., embedded busybox. What the command liine tce-load -iw extension_name provides is what Apps GUI popup will show. I will implement a duplicate md5sum check to try to catch user initiated abortions.

it seems if the installation was aborted before deps with md5sums downloading then need search orphaned deps files?

may also add search orphaned deps files as checking of extensions directory integrity to apps audit? (for unpredictable computer shutdown)


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