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live - frugal or install ? TinyCore running in VB on a lin-win host

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Hi there:
What do you recommend: live - frugal or install ? TinyCore in VB on a lin-win host
I am running TCL 4.5 as a Live CD  in a Virtual Box hosted by Ubuntu 11.04

How to access a folder in my Ubuntu /home/user directory?

I use tc in VB on Win7 often, have found the easiest way to transfer files with the host or any other pc/network is via dropbox.  configured with a shared directory or two..

works for me ;)

Sometimes use a USB thumb drive too, just requires mounting and unmounting when needed

Not VB but in Qemu I've used ssh from the guest to access the sshd running on the host. nc works too for quick transfers where CBA to load dropbear in the VM ;)

Hi: Thank you so much for this. I will try ssh which I like. - But my host has DHCP IP and the guest TCL uses DHCP IP
I am not sure that I can ssh between two different sub nets?

Am I right that DropBox is a folder in the cloud accessible over  the net ?

In Qemu defaults, the host ip is

Yes, dropbox is a service on the net.


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