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scm on microcore

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just tried xampp-linux on microcore with the following err:
/usr/bin/scm-load: line 42: can't open /etc/sysconfig/icons no such file
/usr/bin/scm-load: line 216: not found.

just wondering, will these error do any harm ?

Jason W:
As I understand, if only microcore (Core) is loaded without Xprogs.tcz or wbar.tcz, or Xvesa.tcz and a window manager, then those messages are normal.

I will clean them up in next cut.

When downloading to TC that does not include wbar one of the error messages referred to is also received:

--- Code: ---line 41: can't open /etc/sysconfig/icons: no such file
--- End code ---
Will the clean-up also address this?

Yes. Included.


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