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Appending boot codes from QEMU


I have looked high and low for a solution but am still unable to pass boot codes such as xvesa=800x600x16 from QEMU to tiny core.  I want to be able to detect the best resolution for a Windows host.

I am using the following on Windows XP:

qemu.exe -L .\bios\ -m 256 -localtime -soundhw es1370 -kernel boot/vmlinuz -initrd boot/tinycore.gz -hda mydrive.img -append "tc xvesa=800x600x16 quiet"

It is using the "quiet" command but it is ignoring the xvesa=...

Please help...

Yes, the xvesa bootcode seems to be broken in 4.5.

I found that if I add "home/tc/.xsession" to the "/opt/.xfiletool.lst" backup exclusion file then the "xvesa=" parameter works.


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