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TC build scripts? (/building low ram LFS )

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If you search for "wm8505 linux" you should find the kernel community and some ready distros. But given it's a consumer device built for android, it may requre some effort to get it running something else.

The netbooks usually are easier than the tablets, but YMMV.

On the CPU freq, if it's not possible to adjust directly, you can use cpulimit to make sure your app only uses X% of the cpu. Should be almost equivalent.


--- Quote from: curaga on May 22, 2012, 08:39:34 AM ---@bmarkus: Please post how much RAM they take, out of curiosity. Both according to top and "pmap -d $PID | tail -n1"

--- End quote ---

There are no pmap in the system. Free and top output attached (look processes)

That is interesting with the APC from via. What is odd
is when they are discussing the APC, the guys never actually mention
connecting to the android market place.

Kind of odd that they don't mention it. (must just be implied)




@cast-fish: usually (perhaps always?) android market can be 'hacked' on even if no out-of-box support.

I snapped up one of these with a broken touchscreen on ebay. There are linux disk images which just need to be copied onto the SD card and then it runs w/o even affecting the android install.. so even easier/better than i hoped, all up and running.

When looking at these tablets it is clear there is heavy bending of the truth re: specs -- 'HD' screens that are 800x480, 'dual core' tablets that are single core CPU+ single core GPU, and so on. So, is there a benchmark that i can run which will tell me the performance of the cpu (ie to guess @ its mhz).. as there appear to be some 350mhz versions of these tablets. ??

Just read /proc/cpuinfo since you have linux on it.


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