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--- Quote from: mb0 on May 22, 2012, 08:58:49 AM ---
@bmarkus: have you found a point at which the sqlite database becomes so big as to be a problem performance wise? How many rows makes up your 4MB?

--- End quote ---

My actual database is 1.9M, its size depends on network traffic. There are several tables, largest has 8,780 rows. It is vacuumed in every 24 hours. Mainly it is used for logging traffic data on a slow radio channel and to lookup data with simple quiries, it is not a transaction system.

I found sqlite unusable in terms of speed with abt. 100Mbyte database even for very simple operation on a dual core AMD 64-bit ATHLON 4800 CentOS system.

All depends on the usage, but there are no miracles. Maybe you can keep some tables in RAM to speed it up.

RPI ;) Maybe not available though, and arm11.

DX has such netbooks, like this one:

$88, 800Mhz arm9, 256mb RAM, 100Mbps ethernet, 3x usb. Even has webcam and built-in UPS, heh.


Article says 512M RAM, 2GB flash, 4x USB :)

I like it. Much better than the Pi.

I saw the via, and it is neat, but arm11.

Thanks for the heads up curaga on the deal-extreme stuff. I've seen it before, but assumed nothing would be arm9. This is my preferred device so far:

There are 2 questions i need to deal w/:

1) is it easy to adjust the processor frequency for this device/cpu? Or otherwise (properly) in software. The chip i'm considering is 400mhz IIRC, so it would need to be running comparably.
2) getting linux on it. Obviously this is a pretty big one... i know it supports android so should work w/ the linux kernel, but i don't have experience porting linux to new devices.. so i would hope someone would have done it before.. tbh I wouldn't even know what to google for this device. Or would it not be a major issue?

FWIW i'm looking to support up to 10k rows.. fairly straightforward queries, although it would need to be reasonably speedy. Which seems to sound possible (hopefully) from what you have said, bmarkus.

as for node.js alternatives for my use??

(OT; there are some pretty crazy awesome tablets if you can put up w/ the shitty display.. 1.2ghz A8, mali GPU, 512M ram, capacitive touch, ICS, microSD.. $108)

>as for node.js alternatives for my use??
something closer to node.js but with luajit
not stable yet i think.

if you end up using Core & nodejs. you might want to look into updating nodejs.tcz
node development moves fast, and the last one i packaged is already out of date.



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