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TC build scripts? (/building low ram LFS )

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I'm trying to build a linux system with reduced memory requirements, ultimately for an arm system, but using x86 so far..

all i really need is:

plus usb, extX and wifi (or just ethernet at a push).

The MC setup i've been using so far works fine with ~75MB of ram, but the arm board i'm looking at (mini 2440) only has 64MB (and swap will be too slow), and i'd probably need some more headroom for a larger sqlite DB.

Would it be correct that TC's non-persistance causes it to use more ram? Thoughts on memory-saving of eg. uLibC? I.E. any doubts saving the required ram is possible? /difficult?

So, not knowing how else to proceed, i've been looking at linux-from-scratch.[2]

What i think I would find really useful however, is a good build script as a starting point, that I could tweak. Are the TC/MC build scripts available /where??

Any other related advice in this area (or re: qemu) very welcome (tutorials, build scripts, communities.. w/e).



1: could just use node for these, but AFAIK nginx only uses ~4MB or so. NB: single-digit clients.

2: i've been through to build the basic system (mostly copy+paste).. but the lfs user also shows on my host system (debian on virtualbox) and the vhd doesn't boot without sitting beside the debian one. Trying to get around BLFS, ALFS (so i can revise it and push it to multiple machines) and CLFS (!). head..

Set up a persistent tce directory. ( See the wiki ).

Hi mb0

--- Quote ---Would it be correct that TC's non-persistance causes it to use more ram?
--- End quote ---
Yes. If you plan on having a lot of stuff in your /home directory, make it persistent.

As a site note, I have a communication gateway written in Python using sqlite database. It runs smoothly on ARM and MIPS based routers (ASUS WL-500 and RouterBoard) equipped with 32Mbyte RAM with OpenWrt.

I already have a persistant home+opt. To go persistant with /tce, i add tce={path} bootcode.. then what? I guess I have to replace using onboot.lst with something? Any rough ideas how much memory we are talking about saving here?? This would make the whole thing persistant and negate the need for .filetool.lst etc ??

Also, what about the build scripts (+ rest) ??

@bmarkus: how big is your database?.. i have wondered if a router-linux might be a better starting-point than TC.. am interested in 'remote' updating too.. think this would be a better approach?


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