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just a script to build guake terminal on 4.x

as i have not got round to creating /  submitting  an extension

maby its of some use

 it try's to download tcz if they don't exists in the  optional/ dir
 and also downloads guake-0.4.2.tar.gz and a patch
 to the directory the script is run from *( i run it from ~/ )
 any way it needs network
 unless you already have all  needed files locally available.
almost forget to say that after runing the script

some small modifications are need to be made
to the launcher  /usr/local/bin/guake

 - removing  "#!/bin/bash"
 - changing the python path
 - removing "-a guake" from line
  exec -a guake  $PYTHON -OO $GUAKEPATH/ "$@"

Thanks dubcore!

Just tested the script successfully and wanted to give you the thumbs up!

Have fun helping out in the TC community,

Hi dubcore!

Since guake 0.4.3 is available now I tried to modify your script to build the newer version of guake. I could make it build but it will not start so something I must have done wrong. I would appreciate a lot if you could update the script.

Have fun with TC,


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