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I'd like to give my sister a bootable USB with tinycore on it.

She has a MacBook from 2009.

I'm going to give the grub2.efi strategy as mentioned here a go.

but my question is a quick wikipedia-ing

shows that it's a 64-bit processor i think?
does that mean I should optimally use the 64-bit kernel?
but the 32 should work as well right?



Hi solorin
Unless she has more than 4G of RAM, I don't think there is any reason to go to a 64 bit kernel. And even then,
unless she actually needs to use more than 4G of RAM, 32 bit should be fine.

wow. that was fast.

thanks. you're always very helpful Rich.

for others searching
there's this thread also,
which i only just now found.,2890.15.html


Also there is this method for Mac OS X   (which I'm still testing)

create a directory structure /efi/boot   on a FAT32 USB thumb drive

search for and download  " ISO-2-USB-Booter for Mac 0.01 beta "  and place either the 32bit or 64 bit version ( bootX64/32.efi ) in /efi/boot along with the appropriate 32bit or 64 bit version of tinycore.iso.

rename " tinycore.iso " to " boot.iso " (within /efi/boot directory)

boot your mac using the option key which should produce the efi boot menu and select the thumb drive, which should load tinycore


Thanks for your suggestion.

I can't find a project page, just a mediafire download. ???

I dunno. Maybe I'm naive but I trust something more if it's open source.

Also, it doesn't seem like she'll be able to use the persistence features of Tinycore
this way. And if I want to provide additional applications, I'd have to do a remaster,

My impression is that you can achieve the same results of "ISO-2-USB-Booter for Mac 0.01 beta" by configuring the grub2.efi to mount the iso on a loop and boot from the kernel image inside.
However, grub2.efi can be configured to boot from the kernel image residing directly in the filesystem of the drive.

I suspect that ISO-2-USB-Booter for Mac 0.01 beta might be a repackaged
grub2.efi. This can be tested by adding a grub2 config file.

Awesome. Please keep on with your fearless testing,
and do let us know if you discover anything interesting.
Thank you.




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