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Tiny Core using 7" usb monitor / display


Forgive me if I have posted this in the wrong place!  I am trying to put together a setup where customers in my store can scan a barcode and get a price on the item they are looking for.  I had an old hp thin client lying around with a 1GB flash drive and figured this would be perfect for the job.  Most of this is working, I can run a kiosk and have the web page pop up, the scanning works and indeed the correct price is shown.  My issue is that I do not want to use a huge monitor.  After looking around I saw that many people have been able to use the Lilliput 7" monitor as the display.  This would suit my needs perfectly.  I found a Proximus monitor that appears to have the same controller.  After playing around with it on Ubuntu, I have made it work, but the version of Ubuntu is huge and does not leave much for swap, so the thing is dog slow.

I found Tiny Core and it flies!  Unfortunately I do not know enough about Tiny Core to be able to rebuild it the way I want.  Basically I need the operating system to do the following:
1)  Boot up when powered on.
2)  Install the correct drivers to detect the usb attached display.
3)  Start a small windows manage running a browser in kiosk mode and display the designated web page.
4)  Monitor the usb attached barcode scanner and fill in the required fields.

At this point the display is found (screen turns green)  but I can't seem to find the x configuration file to designate the device, monitor, display size etc.  If anyone could point me in the right direction I would be most appreciative.  Cheers,

In the meantime you tries to steal the configuration of xorg in ubuntu  :D

Hi sndyknght
Since you have this running under Ubuntu, run lsmod to see which drivers Ubuntu has loaded. Then open
Appbrowser under Tinycore, change the Search field to Provides, and do a search for those drivers to
see if they are available under Tinycore.

Thanks for the info... I know what the config should look like, but I do not know where the x-config files are in Tiny Core!  Excuse my ignorance, I figured that they may be built when the system boots.

Thanks for the pointer in regards to changing the search field to provides.  will try that now! 

Thanks for all the assistance!


Hi sndyknght
The first line in  /home/tc/.xsession  determines whether to run  Xvesa  or  Xorg. If you install Xorg, the
xorg.conf file will be under  /etc/X11. Xvesa is the default.


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