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Ideas for SCM files.


###> My hope is to make SCM files more widely usable, not just good for Tiny Core.

# It might make sense to have the main exec. files and icons in the root of the scm file ( not critical )).

# How about making the run scripts auto mount and unmount the scm files with a help of a scm load script?
So only the running apps. are mounted, greatly reducing the total number of mounts the O.S. needs to maintain.

# How about a setup script to make menu files for different common menu types? ( 9menu, BaCon exec., etc. )

# How about giving the exec. run scripts nice names for the menus?
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I think version numbers are important, so different app. versions can coexist and run at the same time.

How about not double posting.

Other post is dead and gone...

Bringing the ideas out to a post of their own.

Hi SunBurnt
You can't force people to be interested through multiple posting. I there's no response, there's no response.
Accept it and move on.

Yes... I know... The original post was not about suggestions.


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