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Is tiny core a safe operating system for netbook ?

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Hello all,

I have a very old notebook computer with configurations as follows:

128 M RAM
20 G hard Dish

Addition to the notebook: an external wifi USB (EDUP EP-N8508)

I am planning to install Tiny Core linux to revive this machine. My main purpose is to use this machine for internet surfing and checking emails.
1). Is tiny core linux a safe operating system for this purpose ?
2). How can I find that whether Tiny Core linux supports the said wifi USB or not ?
3). Any wifi security functions Tiny Core linux can provide ?

Thanks for your attention and answers.

1) Tiny Core Linux can be as secure as every other Linux. Basically it always depends on the amount of work you want to put into your own security. Since TCL is a lightweight toolkit base, we don't provide a "complete totally secure OS with all possible security features", but almost all the tools you need for this (e.g. iptables, virus scanners, tor, anonymizing proxies, etc.) are available through extensions.

2) Your wifi adapter seems to be based on a Realtek device RTL8188CUS and should be supported by the wireless-3.0.21-tinycore.tcz extension (namely the module rtl8192cu).

3) Please rephrase the question, if you really know what you mean ;) TCL is not providing more or less "wifi security functions" than any other Linux. For the wifi connection itself it mostly depends on the driver of the wifi device and Realtek is not the best supported hardware by Linux in either case.

Was this topic locked on purpose?

I am new to this forum and just want to test the function of "Lock".

Besides from all what gutmensch said, these specs appear rather low for "internet browsing" - assuming you mean web browsing.
Best to make sure to have plenty of swap space.


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