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Install Xorg after Xvesa

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Hello everybody,

I'm trying to install Core + Xorg + openbox on a ThinClient HP. After starting Coreplus and install it on the Hard-disk, I uninstall all the .tcz files not needed for what I want (fluxbox, hackedbox, wifi etc ...).
I was able to uninstall all I wanted except Xvesa.tcz :

* I modified the /etc/sysconfig/Xserver file to add Xorg instead Xvesa
* I added the /etc/sysconfig/Xserver file in the /opt/.filetool.lst
* After I uninstall xvesa

After booting, I have the message "failed in WaitforX".

Do you have an idea to only install Xorg witout xvesa ?



Remove Xserver from .filetool.lst
remove Xvesa.tcz from onboot.lst
tce-load -iw Xorg-7.X ( where X is your choice of  4, 5, or 6 )
If it was already installed, make sure it is included in onboot.lst.


Thanks for your reply.

I already remove Xvesa.tcz from onboot.lst.
I didn't make "tce-load -iw Xorg-7.X" because I already the Xorg-7.X.tcz file and I add "Xorg-7.X-lib" on onboot.lst file.

If I remove Xserver from .filetool.lst, the system will consider "xvesa" because at the beginning I have "xvesa" on the Xserver file. No ?


You need Xorg-7.X.tcz in onboot.lst, not Xorg-7.X-lib.
Xorg will write the Xserver file. Do NOT include it in .filetool.lst.

I re-install all Core-plus with openbox to have a good base.

After, I remove xvesa.tcz from onboot.lst. I installed Xorg-7.6 with tce-load on prompt. After launch "startx" command, the screen is blocled with a blinking underscore !!!

What do you think ? A problem of driver/firmware ? As I installed Coreplus, I have in CDE all the firmware TCZ files.




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