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Many of you know me as the Lead Developer of Damn Small Linux.
Today, I was stripped of my ability to continue to support that project.

It is all well and good, as I near my 60th year of life, and yet still starting a new project, leaves not much time to continue to support the old.

I have been asked many times why here and not there. The answer is complex. From lack of both personal and professional support, to forums locked to new users, to denial of repeated requests for help, for a team, etc.

Still I hold no grudges. It is time. Five years is a long time. Don't look back, other to say that I am proud of the accomplishments there and the people that I got to know and share my passion of Linux..

Now, a new chapter. A new beginning. A new team. A team that shares my interests, my passion, my enthusiasm for sharing and exploring new ways to enjoy our favorite OS.

Looking forward to exciting times ahead.

-- Robert Shingledecker

Well, you did have a team, for a while, and it was fun. I'm sorry to say that I've expected this for a long time, since you first told me about TC, what? A year ago? Or more? I don't remember...

That stinks for John.  Unless you were an ass to him I see no reason why a new project should cause this to happen.
All I can think of is that he sees it as "competition".  News flash: Competition is not a factor in free software unless deep down you're not thinking true freedom.


--- Quote from: mikshaw on December 04, 2008, 07:09:02 PM ---That stinks for John. 

--- End quote ---

By Robert's second sentence I would say that John made the decision.


It might just be the need to be politically correct on the DSL forums but I'm not sure if we should jump to any conclusions about the cause of this.  In any, trying to dig up why this occurred can only do harm to one of the projects, which is not something any of us should be interested in.


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