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How can SCM files contain more than one app.?


Groups of apps. in a single Squash file makes good sense. Media, server, games, office, etc.
This reduces the number of mounts needed to access all the SCM files. Much better...

I designed the SqApp to hold many apps. and be easily accessed to run them and make menus with icons.

Some SCM files have many files in /bin , making it hard to tell which are app`s exec. files.
So to have many apps in an SCM some sort of manifest file is needed to fix it.
But this is not the best way of setting up multi. app Squash files. There`s better ways to do it.

Also it seems the SCM file`s app icons are in /share/pixmaps , is this consistant with all SCM files?

Jason W:
Some apps, like ripperx, need lame and other executables to function.  And in the nature of the scm, those executables are contained in the scm extension, they do not need to be separated.  Normally now I put the secondary executables in locabin instead of bin to separate them from the main app.

And, yes, the icon files used by wbar are located in share/pixmaps.

Thanks Jason W.

Having only the app. exec. files in /bin solves the search/manifest problem.
And if the icons have the exact same app. name then finding them is easy too.

As said, groups of apps. in SCM files and easily add the apps. and icons to menus.

SqApp files have the run script files and icons in the root of the Sq. file, easy to find.
Then other scripts and files in /bin don`t matter. And don`t need share/pixmaps.


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