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An enhanced version of .xsession script


Hi all, i strongly suggest you to change .xsession script like mine:

Xvesa -br -screen 1024x768x16 -shadow -3button -mouse /dev/input/mice,5 -nolisten tcp -I >/dev/null 2>&1 & export XPID=$!
waitforX || ! echo failed in waitforX || exit
"$DESKTOP" -g 1024x719+0+0 -m 1024x719 2>/tmp/wm_errors &
export WM_PID=$!
[ -x $HOME/.setbackground ] && $HOME/.setbackground
[ -x $HOME/.mouse_config ] && $HOME/.mouse_config &
[ $(which "$ICONS".sh) ] && ${ICONS}.sh &
[ -d ".X.d" ] && find ".X.d" -type f -print | while read F; do . "$F"; done

especially if you use Xvesa+wbar+flwm and 'text' boot code.
It does make to start X from any directory and make usable more better wbar and its icons.


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