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Abiword.scm command line bug

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With the current /apps/abiword/bin/abiword the following command doesn't work:
abiword mydoc.abw

Jason W:
Likely I forgot to use this command in the wrapper:

..../abiword "$@"

That last part is what passes arguments to the app being launched.  I will look into it tonight.

No I think its cd /apps/abiword

--- Code: ---#!/bin/sh

cd /apps/abiword
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="local/lib"
export PATH="local/bin:$PATH"

/apps/abiword/abiword "$@"

--- End code ---

Jason W:
Ok, abiword has to be called from it's existing location to work, but I will see what I can do.

Hi Jason W
Would a full path instead of a relative one in the export commands help, or would that cause problems
with other extensions?


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