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Can I burn a microcore iso onto a dvd ?


I'm in the solomons, and only brought one microcore cd with me, and now I have to make 2 servers.

I have a few blank dvd's but no blank cd's.

Is there some way to make a bootable microcore dvd ?

Is there a way to install microcore 3.8.4 to hard drive ?

These are the two ways I 've thought of doing it so far.


Yes, and yes. Just burn the ISO as usual, and for the install see the manual install instructions:

After few months of installing Linux on PCs, I have following gears:
- one UBCD (with Plop Bootloader on it)
- one SD card 8GB (with the latest TCL and a lot of extensions) + other distros to make quick comparison if I have an issue with an HW / Xorg / ..
- one USB adapter for the SD card

- when the PC boot from the SD -> done
- when the PC boot from the USB -> I put the USB adapter + SD
- when the PC only boot from the CD -> I put the UBCD, I have a look at the HW list, Mem etc.. and boot the USB with the plop bootloader in it
    (during last install, the CD reader had issues to read the whole CD; it was enough to load the plop bootloader).
So, Im nearly clean and nearly "CD free" now (it took me 1,5 year..).
The advantage is that the SD card can be updated easily and no CD has to be burned.
But, in anycase, good luck with the microcore.iso


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