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ezremaster quit unexpectantly (but quick resolution)

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Likely nothing but I have a log so figured I'd post result from this rare failed remaster

Latest ezeremaster on tc4.4

+ temp_dir=/tmp/ezremaster
+ mkdir -p /tmp/ezremaster/image
+ mkdir -p /tmp/ezremaster/extract
+ mkdir -p /tmp/ezremaster/mnt
+ mkdir -p /tmp/ezremaster/app_dep
+ [ ! -d /tmp/ezremaster/image ]
+ package
+ uname -r
+ sudo depmod -a -b /tmp/ezremaster/extract 3.0.21-tinycore
depmod: ./kernel.tclocal: No such file or directory
+ sudo ldconfig -r /tmp/ezremaster/extract
+ cd /tmp/ezremaster/extract
+ umount /tmp/ezremaster/extract/proc
+ sudo sh -c find . | cpio -o -H newc | gzip -2 > /tmp/ezremaster/image/boot/core.gz
+ sudo advdef -z4 /tmp/ezremaster/image/boot/core.gz
+ exit 23

Am going to attempt a repeat exercise..  see what happens

Well a repeated attempt resulted in same error..

1st attempt using TinyCore-current.iso
2nd attempt using Core-current.iso 

You ran out of RAM, is my guess.

lol  well I never though to check for that thanks, always assuming there was ample memory..   All my work is done in VM's so this is very possible,  will check and brb..

curaga,  that was a good guess :)       Just read the limitations of advdef which would have been a clue...   

Thanks again for the heads up on lack of memory.   I must of forgot this was a relocated VM with resources set to a minimum. 

As always ezremaster performs flawlessly, operator error,  my bad :(

advdef can take a lot of memory if you are doing a large remaster.   One option to free up some memory is to create a temporary directory on a harddrive (i.e. /mnt/sda1/ezremastertemp/ or something similar) and point the first page ezremaster to that temp directory rather than using the default RAM based /tmp/ezremaster


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