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The first release candidate of Core 4.5 is ready for public testing:

Change Log:
* Updated wbar to 2.3.0
* Updated wbar.sh, wbar_setup, & wbarconf GUI  for new wbar changes.
* New Apps GUI replaces AppBrowser & AppsAudit
* Updated Apps GUI OnBoot, OnDemand, & Md5Check to case insensitive sort order.
* Updated Apps GUI OnDemand to support ondemand noicons.
* Updated Apps GUI to add descriptive title and moved URI to bottom.
* Renamed ScmBrowser to ScmApps, added delete & descriptive title, moved URI to bottom, adjusted menu.
* Updated tce-audit to suppress spurious messages with regard to fat filesystems.
* Updated tce-setup added support for scm in cde  tmp/builtin for remasters.
* Updated scm-load to forward md5check results to calling GUI.
* Updated scm-load to support scm only type systems and remasters.
* Updated rc.shutdown to umount scm extensions.
* New expanded boot code noicons to specify no ondemand icons. noicions=ondemand
* Updated tc-config, wbar_setup, ondemand, and Apps GUI to support noicons=ondemand
* Updated f2 & f3 boot codes.

Note: Need new Xprogs.tcz and wbar.tcz
Note: You will need to delete .wbar from your home directory!

Note: CorePlus has a new updated ezremaster!
Note: Find the Xprogs.tcz, wbar.tcz, and ezremaster.tcz in the release candidate area.
          They will be formally posted to the repository when 4.5 final is released.

When in Apps and ScmApps, I selected check for updates, and then Md5 Checking.
It was very confusing, because there was nothing on the screen telling me what function was currently selected. and what the Select panel was related to.
Perhaps the current function selected could be displayed next to the Apps button?

The following  entries in the Dependencies menu of Apps do not appear to work.
Update .dep files - Nothing in results window
Missing Dependencies Reporting - Nothing in Results window
Display All with No Dependencies - Nothing in Results window
Display All Not Depended On - Nothing in Results window

If you click on the greyed out Apps button while the Dependencies button is showing, Apps seizes, the mouse pointer can be moved, but nothing nothing responds to clicks.

Reposted 4.5rc1 with fixes for reported items. Thanks for testing!

Much better!

I have 2 questions:
1. What are local favorites?
2. Is it your intention to merge Apps and ScmApps down the road? They are so similar in design.


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