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Hi all,

If i would like to hide backup options on TC-Exit menu (shutdown-reboot-backup), to prevent user to save any changes to the OS that has been customized, any file / script i can edit? (in this case only admin allowed to backup: i.e. using terminal).

Have looked at exitcheck.sh, tc-function script, i don't see anything related to menu options..


The source to that GUI is available at any mirror, release/src/fltk_projects/exittc. You can compile a custom version that doesn't have the checkbox.

Hi newbie000
You could try moving  /usr/bin/filetool.sh  and replacing it with a dummy script  that looks like this:

--- Code: ---#!/bin/sh
exit 0
--- End code ---
This may or may not be enough to fool the exit menu as well as the backup app in control panel into thinking the
backup was done. Save the dummy script (called filetool.sh) in /opt and make it part of your backup. Then in your
/opt/bootlocal.sh, add something like this:

--- Code: ---mv /usr/bin/filetool.sh /root/filetool.sh
chmod 600 /root/filetool.sh
chown root:root /root/filetool.sh
chmod 700 /root
cp /opt/filetool.sh /usr/bin/filetool.sh
chmod 755 /usr/bin/filetool.sh
chown root:root /usr/bin/filetool.sh
--- End code ---
After you have created the dummy file and modified the bootlocal.sh script, call up the exit menu, select Reboot, and
let it backup your changes. If it works, the backup functions in the exit menu and control panel will be non-functional
after rebooting. That still leaves the problem of someone finding filetool.sh, and running  sudo /root/filetool.sh -b
from a terminal or a file manager that supports sudo and execute.


i'm interessed in compiling exittc to set to none the default shutdown or reboot backup option.
I've the sources files (the link from curaga), gcc and even compiletc, but a gcc exittc.cxx -o exittc do nothing,

an advice ?


You don't need to edit it for that, see .profile - you can just set BACKUP=0 so that it defaults to no backup.


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