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Chromium preferences file loading


Hi all,

Currently i have chromium browser installed on my TCL.

I was trying to replace the chromium Preferences file ( /home/tc/.config/chromium/Default/Preferences) with the customized one, i put the copy command under .xsession file. Other than that, i also execute some other command which are succesfully. Only the Preferences file is not replaced with the one i have customized (i put the customized Preferences on persistent directory - opt).

I am just wondering when the Preferences file is being generated? I am thinking i put the copy command on the wrong timing (not at booting phase)..


Hi newbie000
Unless Chromium is overwriting the file, you shouldn't have to do anything. If you have a persistent /home the file
will still be there when you reboot. If you don't, TCs backup/restore mechanism will take care of it, unless:
1. You don't do a backup or restore.
2. Something in or not in your  /opt/.filetool.lst  or  /opt/.xfiletool.lst  is preventing it.

You should probably only change that file when Chromium is not running.

Thanks Rick,

My purpose is to set the initial Preferences automatically for kiosk purpose, so at the first time the OS up and the chrome launched, the browser already represents my customized setting, without manually setting it..

Hi newbie000
Try putting the copy command in your  bootlocal.sh  file.


It works though i need to reboot twice right after the installation (don't know why - it meets my need)..

Thanks Rick!


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