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scm-umount-routine requested - clean unmount of scm-package at shutdown & reboot


dear roberts,

using ondemand scm-packages in an usbstick-live-environment cause unclean filesystems.
i use microcore version 4.4 and load libreoffice.scm ondemand.
if i do not unmount the scm-package before the shutdown, the filesystem needs a recovery-check at the next reboot.
i described this already in the thread http://forum.tinycorelinux.net/index.php/topic,12612.msg68820.html#msg68820

i think the solution could be a scm-umount-routine in the shutdown or the reboot.

thank you for your help and all your hints.

Thanks for feedback/suggestion.
Done! Will be 4.5rc1 to be available soon.


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