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How to display Chinese (Unicode) in urxvt.

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Following some hints and suggestions around the forum.

I've gotten bitmap fonts from xfonts-wqy.tcz (Thank you, syun) working, at least to the extent that xlsfonts returns the proper font name. They don't seem to work out of the box for me so I copied one size to ~/.fonts, ran mkfontscale and mkfontdir(from Xorg-7.6-bin.tcz)  in .fonts, then xset +fp ~/.fonts && xset fp rehash.

I loaded the extensions locale-col-zh (Thanks david.w!) and urxvt-daemon (thx peterc) from the repository.

Then, urxvtd -q -o -f @ shell prompt to start urxvtd as per the info file.
And then I called urxvtc -fn "font-name-from-xlsfonts-i'm-to-lazy-to-type-now".
I get a new terminal window (yay!) at that prompt I export LANG='en_US.utf8' or export LANG='zh_TW.utf8'.

Then I try and display some unicode texts from the web I downloaded.

... and no joy.

If anyone can give clear instructions on how to get this working, I'll write it up on the wiki, so people can start documenting other localization HOWTO's.

Thank you.


Hi solorin
urxvt.tcz  lists  Xorg-7.6-lib.tcz  as a dependency. Maybe  urxvt-daemon.tcz  requires it too?

I use Xorg-7.6-lib for dwm and dmenu so I have that loaded already. I don't know if it's a dependency, because I haven't loaded it without. It does ask for fontconfig tho, and I've loaded that up as well.

Hi solorin
Maybe this has some relevant ideas:

Thanks Rich for your persistent and earnest help.

Yes, I read that thread before I started this one.
So I thought maybe it was tool support. (vim/cat/less not supporting unicode)
but I just compiled w3m with unicode support and

still no joy.

urxvt keeps complaining it can't find a termcap entry for rxvt-unicode.
and I've been setting TERM to rxvt.

does anyone know where I can find or generate the termcap or terminfo?



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