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PXE boot core.gz ARP Time Out

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Hi all,

I was trying to do PXE boot of tiny core linux image, the size is about 90 MB (Core + GUI packages + configuration). During the PXE boot, the client PC got an IP from DHCP but after that the image cannot be loaded with message:

ARP time out...

I've checked with ps aux command that the tftp service is running..

Anyone got idea?

    [EDIT]: Corrected typo in subject line. Changed ARM to ARP.    Rich

Is there a firewall or some other device blocking ARP?

Hi Curaga,

There is not, i used to do the PXE boot successfully in the same way, i only changed the standard core.gz file with the one with GUI packages. I increased the timeout seconds (default is 300) on file /pxelinux.cfg/default to higher value but no success.

TC as terminal server is on the same vlan with the one to booted from PXE, attached to the same switch.

terminal server:
Range for PXE boot : - 210
Gateway :

During PXE boot, the client got ip and then ARP time out.

Is this related to network issue instead of the modified core.gz file?


Did the client start downloading the initrd? It could be that there's some timeout in tftp, and having the initrd too big (=slow transfer) triggers it? Just my guess.

edit: Also, what messages do you see from the server?

Hi there,

That's the thing, no message on the server terminal. The initrd hasn't been loaded, the message on client screen is as follow:

ARP time out
TFTP couldn't open connection.

And it stops there...


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