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PXE netbooting with restoring backup.tgz


Hi all,

Is it possible to apply backup.tgz automatically (opt and home configuration) contents after PXE boot?

My need is to do PXE boot a PCs and they will have the same image and configuration (same .xsession etc) with the TC server..

Thanks for the input.

I personally solved this by making a custom .tcz package with the relevant files and specifying that in the .lst file I provided on the append= line. It worked like a charm after I got a few commands to actually find files following symlinks. (It just so happens that making a package that puts a script in ~/.X.d/ won't get executed because the .xsession script won't follow links ;) )

IMHO, it might be equally interesting to have an option to make a backup as to restore one when not having any persistent storage mounted; i.e. with a specified path in rootfs.


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