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(solved) Issues with a PC with NVDIA GForce FX5200 (NV34); which Xorg.conf ?

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H floppy
Download and compile it? From the website:

--- Quote ---nstallation instructions: Once you have downloaded the driver, type " sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-173.14.31.pkg1.run" to install the driver. NVIDIA now provides a utility to assist you with configuration of your X server configuration file. See the README or run 'man nvidia-xconfig' for details on usage and instructions for those wishing to edit their X config file by hand.
--- End quote ---
Running the script will do a compile and install. If I remember correctly, you want to switch to the console (Ctrl-Alt-Backspace)
and enter   sudo sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-173.14.31.pkg1.run. If you add  --help  to the end of the command it should spit
out a bunch of options.

ouch.. seems to be a work for a long winter time.. thanks.. will have a look.
.. or can somebody make an extension upgrade with it..?


--- Quote from: gerald_clark on April 02, 2012, 02:55:56 PM ---Report errors here.

--- End quote ---
error from the first multicore boot http://imagebin.org/206569

Hi floppy
If you change your mind, here are a couple of scripts that do most of the work for you, place them in your home directory.

create-nvidia-raw This script runs the nvidia script and then tracks down the files it created, placing them under
nvidia-raw/rawpackage. You may wish to comment out the last line, it forces the creation of a new xorg.conf file
overwriting the current one.

create-nvidia-package The title pretty much says it all. It creates a proper directory tree under  nvidia-raw/package with
all the files. It creates the tc-installed file. It modifies the desktop file to work with TC. It removes any files with  tls  in
their name, which Arslan S. reported as being troublesome. Finally it packages it all up into an extension.

Be sure to change the VERS variable to 173.14.31 first in the beginning of both scripts.

Hi floppy
I don't know how to break this to you, but you better sit down and brace yourself. You are getting read errors from
your CD, and it gets worse, I'm pretty sure that SQUASHFS error can't be good.


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