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Help with persistance with hard drive install.

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I have installed tinycore 4.4 to my hard drive partition sdb1 and set it up using the boot codes home=sdb1 opt=sdb1 norestore.  Now that I have everything working and setup the way I like is it possible to keep the system in this state with no further updates or changes to the home and opt directories.  I am using e17 desktop manager and I would like to keep my /home/tc/.e directory with all its settings and firefox's bookmarks plus all the extensions I have set up.  I edited the file /opt/.filetool.lst to read just /opt/.filetool.lst. 

I have tried different settings and have read the documentation with no success and usually end up boinking my system and having to start over.  I guess I am still not clear on how to achieve the results I am looking for.

If anyone can offer advise I would sure appreciate it.

Thank you,


It is hard to help you when you don't tell us what your problem is.
1. The norestore option will prevent you from loading any saved files in .filetool.lst.
2. If you are using the opt= boot option, you should have no opt files in .filetool.lst.
3. If you are using the home= boot option, you should have no home files in .filetool.lst.
4. You should not use advanced boot options until you understand them and have everything else working.

Thank you for responding.

I am trying to use my existing setup which is installed on sdb1 without changing it any further.  I would like to boot tinycore from sdb1 using my home and opt directories on sdb1 but not have anything further written to those directories and have the setup that I have now remain in its current state across reboots.  I do not know if this is possible from reading the documentation but that is what I am trying to achieve.   I do not understand how to install tinycore on my harddrive, set it up to my liking and then keep it in that state across reboots, but not have any changes made to my existing setup after using the system.

I used the home=sdb1 opt=sdb1 norestore boot options because I thought (wrongly) that would boot up my existing setup but not make any changes to it when I shut down. 

I hope I am being more clear this time.

Thank you,

Eric Meddleton

Your actions seem to go in the exact opposite direction of your purpose...   :o

To achieve what you say, avoid persistent /home and /opt and just do a backup including all the files you want - once you have configured everything to your liking.
Then using the same backup at each boot will give you exactly the same result each time.

Hi emeddleton
Adding to tinypoodles comments, once the system is set up the way you wish, run a backup just that one time.
Then change the default to no backup on shutdown. You'll need to search the forum on how to do that, I don't
recall how it's done.


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