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"Experienced users can still install Tiny Core to disk, but Tiny Core can run in 48 megabytes of RAM ... or less."

what does this stuff above mean?

is it saying that botting from a Frugal install.....you would not use the 48 megs of ram?....and tinycore does not actually run from RAM in that case....but is running from hard drive while live?


Yes. And yes.
Referring to scatter install, not frugal.   ;)


didn't realize this at all...

my assumption was that the "install" feature of Core plus was a "frugal hdd install" for users.

my assumption was that a "frugal hdd install" just booted in the same manner as  tcl boots off CD
disc...... but pulling files off the hard drive instead of the CD disc as it boots.

(and that tcl ran "live" in ram the same way....be it "frugal hdd booted" or booted from CD)

are you saying that "Scatter mode hdd install" is different from the "frugal hdd install" method

does '"core plus" offer both those methods of install (frugal and scatter)....can't remember?


Frugal install is comparable to running from CD.
Scatter install is not encouraged and also not really supported, but not impossible.

Hi cast-fish
It has nothing to do with scatter mode, though with the highly selective cut and paste approach you took, I can see
how it might appear that way. Here is the statement back in its original context:

--- Quote ---Unusually Fast. Unlike most operating systems, the Tiny Core can run completely from RAM. Individuals with RAM to spare can even use Tiny Core to load and run their programs from RAM (you didn't know your computer could run Open Office and Firefox so quick). Experienced users can still install Tiny Core to disk, but Tiny Core can run in 48 megabytes of RAM ... or less.
--- End quote ---
All it says is that if you have enough RAM, you can basically keep all your extensions loaded in memory, but if you have
a much more modest system, you can still run Tinycore.


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