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cfq io scheduler is disabled in tinycore kernel?

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cfq io scheduler is disabled in tinycore kernel?
i tried kernel option elevator=cfq
but got a message that scheduler was not found

Yes, it is disabled.

my computer slows down and sometimes almost stops during file operations
can you consider to include cfq io scheduler in the next tinycore release?
to be able to select it by kernel option at boot

Sorry, as it can only be built in, it would enlarge the kernel for all.

I doubt your issue is the IO scheduler, though. More likely it's some other bug in the kernel.

it seems this is really some problems in the kernel
i made rolled back tinycore to version 4.3.1
and my computer again started to work normally
yea brakes are present because computer is old
but it works slow down not so as in version 4.4
when it came to swapping then computer almost stopped


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