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poll: which messengers, chat clients and video phone apps most used in tinycore?

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which instant messengers, chat clients and video telephony applications you use in tinycore?
in the voting list represented all communication applications that are available in tinycore repo
can select no more than 5 of them because unlikely someone uses so many simultaneously

in your opinion which internet communicating applications lacks in the tinycore repository?
possible you use other applications that are more powerfull and more lightweight than listed?

thank you for your replies and suggestions

bitlbee, irssi

Do I have to guess the result or enter which one I'm using?

in the poll i have listed apps that found in the tinycore repo
if you use any of them then you can vote

skype i slightly hastened to add to poll
but newly i submitted extension getskype.tcz


--- Quote from: hiro on April 02, 2012, 03:33:00 AM ---bitlbee, irssi

--- End quote ---
accidentally i miss irssi when looking in the repo
has added to the poll


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