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Raspberry Pi

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200 thousand new rasberry pi's have been ordered at the factory. Majority model B' of a couple of weeks ago


They are being shipped in droves,  Tech Republic has an "Arrival Tear down" on their newsletter today.

Now back to the question at hand.
I for one think TC is a great match for Rpi but I don't have the skills to port it myself.
Are there any like minded capable members planning anything?

Thats interesting. I plan to evalute. But until one actually has one not much can truly be done.  I have one on order, order number confirmed as of Feb 29. Yet still not even an email about when it will arrive.

I have one, and the first thing I thought about was trying to get tinycore on it.

Once I get a bit of free time I'll let the board know how it goes.

Amazing! My confirmed order of 29 Feb still has not come. I am promised end of April, then end of May, now I am told end of June.  I guess that they don't understand the meaning of a queue. Quickly losing interest here. In fact ready to cancel.  Keep us posted on your progress.


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