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Booting Without Having to Hit Enter


I am managing a server remotely using TC (apache, php, SSH) and I sometimes need to reboot it remotely. I decided to give TC a try and am currently using CorePlus since the machine is wireless.

Everything is working great and I've figured out how to reload all my configure settings from boot-to-boot. The only problem is, if I need to reset the machine remotely, I cannot be there to hit ENTER on the boot screen. I was just wondering if there was any way that I can have it boot into even the default FLWM topside option without having to be there to select it.

Google for whatever boot loader you are using.  They all have a timeout value and a default boot option.

Ohhhh, I feel dumb now. And thank you for the quick response! I guess I was just confused with the wording before the count-down: "BIOS default device boot." I am setting this up on another server from a flash drive and assumed it would then boot from the hdd if no action was taken at the end of the count-down. I apologize.


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