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Fluff beta version(s) leading to new Version 1.1

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Fellow Fluff-heads ( :o): I have made many small changes to Fluff to address several of the bugs and shortcomings reported over the last year or so.  This includes file renaming issues, windows not resizing properly, flicker on filesystem updates, and inability to use the file associations dialog boxes to configure associations for generic files (i.e. files not recognized as some more specific type).  Thanks to coreplayer2, floppy, and others for reporting issues.

The attached source code archive includes a make file to build the executable, create a new fluff.tcz extension, and, if you'd like, install the extension persistently ("make install") in your TCE directory for the "onboot" mode.  Or if you already have an onboot installation of Fluff, you can use the make file to update your copy ("make update").  To use the makefile, you will need the compiletc.tcz and squashfs-tools-4.x extensions and extract the archive file someplace, perhaps like this:

--- Code: ---tar -xzf fluff_1_0_3_src.tar.gz
--- End code ---

If you use make with no target, ("make"), only the Fluff executable "fluff" is created.  You can run this local executable from the build directory to test it without disturbing a current installation.

If you "make package", the fluff.tcz extension package is created.  Once this is done, you could use AppBrowser or the command line "tce-load -ic fluff.tcz" to do a local installation. NOTE: this is a temporary, non-persistent type of installation!

As stated above, "make install" will do a persistent, on-boot type of installation.  NOTE: the TCE directory is identified in different ways in 3.x and 4.x versions of Core/Tiny Core, so if you are building for a 3.x version, un-comment the alternative TCEDIR environment variable definition and comment out the 4.x version.

If you have any issues or bugs to report in this new version 1.0.3, or any later ones in this beta series, please post them here.  Once this new version is in good shape, I will release it to be posted in the official Tiny Core repository as version 1.1.  If needed, there could be additional beta versions between this 1.0.3 and the formal release of version 1.1.

I hope to get the Fluff source code up on Github someday.  But for now, this forum will be the source code repository.  If you can't do a build, but you really want to beta test this new version, PM me and I will work out something to make it easier for you.

If you have ideas for new features or significant changes, please post those comments in this separate thread:,9517.0.html.  I will work on some of those ideas as I have time.  ;)

I hope this new version works better for all of you!

Cool thanks  will check it out :)

Already checking it out.  :)

Very cool.  Thank you.

The initial DirTreeWide value of 131 seems a bit narrow, but seriously - if that's the biggest issue, I'd say you pretty well nailed it.  :)

 :-[  I found and hopefully fixed a significant bug in the file type identification function.  Please discontinue using the 1.0.3 version and test with 1.0.4, attached bellow.  Please report any other bugs and issues.  Thanks.

use tc's editor open the "fluff.cpp" file will be changed.

in vi

--- Code: ---                                                               
        else if (ans == 1) {                                                   
            if (restore_mode) {                                                 
                FileMenuCB((Fl_Widget*)MainWnd_p->list_p, (void*)MI_RESTORE);   
            else {                                                             
                int t = 0;                                                                                 
- fluff.cpp 3854/6551 58%

--- End code ---

change to

--- Code: ---        else if (ans == 1) {
            if (restore_mode) {
      get*)MainWnd_p->list_p, (void*)MI_RESTORE);
            else {
                int t = 0;
--- End code ---

and while compile 1.0.0 and 1.0.3's fluff.cpp are also easy changed by self in the line 38xx .


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