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sudo and tce-load

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@ curaga
 Well, what do you know?! I downloaded TinyCore-current.iso (version 4.4) and started it up in a virtual machine.
 Everything related to sudo worked as correctly.
 I'll give updating my "real" system a try, which I think should fix the problem of being asked for the password every time.


Yep, Upgrading my install to 4.4 solved the problem with sudo's time stamps not being created.
This will be a temporary fix for my problems.
What I want to do is make so that an otherwise restricted user can load extensions without a password.

If "/usr/bin/tce-load -i" could be run as root, it would be as simple as editing /etc/sudoer to allow that. With the current state of affairs I'm going to have to allow several commands (e.g. mkdir, mount, touch) to be run by the restricted users.

Thanks for the help,


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