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rdesktop and limited access on client

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Hi all,

I have both rdesktop.tcz and glibc_gconv.tcz installed. When I connect with a Win 2003 server (simply 'rdesktop i.p. number'), I have only limited access to it's system, more specific: I see only a handful of processes / applications running, so it's almost like I'm logged in as an user, while enter the login details as an admin.
Other than a colour warning in the TC Terminal, I get no error messages / warnings at all.
FYI, I've already reported this as a possible bug on its Sourceforge page (but no reply, so far), Googled for similar cases (nothing found) and all of this works fine when I use the MS RD client on another system.
Is there a way to resolve this issue?



Try FreeRDP as well if you wish ;)

Thanks for the suggestion, Gutmensch.
However, this didn't solved the issue.
As you can see on attached screenshot, I'm logged in as an admin (ID 2), so it has nothing to do with user right, though it almost seems like that.


AFAIK Windows Server treats RDP connections differently than consumer based Windows' so I doubt it's any problem with rdesktop or FreeRDP here. Do you have group policies enabled? Did you check you've got the right ones for full access via RDP (from outside)?

There is also a "console mode" for Windows Server when connecting via RDP, which provides full access IIRC

Hi JimS
In your screenshot, it lists another administrator, ID 0. Is the administrator logged in locally to that machine?
Maybe there's a conflict. Try logging the local administrator out and then connecting.
I just installed FreeRDP (version 1.0.0, not 0.8.2) and connected as administrator to a Windows 2008 R2 server
running NLA (Network Level Authentication). If you plan on connecting to any machines running NLA, this
appears to be the only client capable of doing it from what I've found. If you want me to check any of the settings
on my server for you, let me know. You'll probably need to provide some instructions on where to find them,
this Windows server stuff is new to me.


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