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Wiki List of supported wifi devices

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Ok, am not sure if this is the best location for this thread but have started a list of supported wifi devices in the wiki.  it should be a place of reference for those in search of a Core supported wifi device and to learn which extension will be required to support it.

Wiki list of supported wifi devices

This project is still under construction, so please your input is welcome.  At this early stage am open to suggestions as to which device information to include to best help those who need it and of course for ease of maintenance.

To add your tested device to the list I suggest copying this template/list to your post below.   Please include as much information as possible and I'll do my best to include and maintain the wiki list with this info, thanks.


Wireless NIC Chip =
OEM & Model as tested =
HW rev =
Interface =
WLAN standard [802.11] =
Frequency Band =
Security (1) =
Tested with kernel =
Tested with Wifi.tcz =
Required Extensions (2) =
Notes =


Wireless NIC Chip = RTL8712U
OEM & Model as tested = Amped-UA150C
HW rev =
Interface = USB 2.0
WLAN standard [802.11] = 802.11 b/g/n
Frequency Band = 2.4GHz
Security (1) =  WPA/WPA2
Tested with kernel = 3.0.21-tinycore
Tested with Wifi.tcz = Y
Required Extensions (2) = wl-rtl8712u-3.0.21-tinycore.tcz (r8712u) - firmware.tcz (rtlwifi/rtl8712u.bin)
Notes = WPS (not tested)

1.  Security WPA2 assumes WPA/WPA2 & WEP.   if other please specify in the Features/notes section ( WPS )

2. As in specific extensions (TCZ's) required for device functionality and connection manager tested with but not to include deps of a connection manager, unless that dep includes a required module or firmware for the specific adaptor.

I would like to participate but I can not find this information, maybe you could write how to find this info in top of the wiki page

What is missing is the chipset information adapter is based on.

Hi coreplayer2
That looks like a very good starting point. I will offer a few thoughts however.
FCC ID: While this can be used to track down some information about the device/manufacturer, I think changing it
                to USB ID and PCI ID for external and internal respectively would be a more useful choice.
Features: Maybe the information from Interface, WLAN standard [802.11], Frequency Band, and Security columns
                  could be consolidated under a features column. This will help conserve some horizontal space in the table
                  yet still convey that information.
Links: Add a column that can contain links to threads in the forum that have helped people. A narrow column that can
           contain the word  Link  on one or more lines would suffice. That would aid someone in finding threads relevant
           to their device.
Supported via Wifi.tcz: Remove that column and make Wifi.tcz or whatever the primary tool required is the first entry
                                          under Required Extensions.

Nice idea and good job so far :) I would also opt for Vendor ID and Product ID as of lsusb and lspci. It's the simplest method to get a proper (and often complete) identification of the hardware.


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