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Can someone upload me a 64bit iso?

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Ive been trying to get a 64bit version of tinycore for a few hours
keep getting this thing :/

Help appreciated

Hi aaa801
I guess I'll ask the obvious question first, are you running 64bit hardware?
In order for someone to help, you really need to supply more information.
Which version of Tinycore. What kind of processor? How much RAM? Are you using any boot codes? etc.
Although it wasn't resolved, it sounds like it's the same problem this individual had:

i think this was down to me using the wrong 64bit kernel

I tryed the same steps on the 4.# iso and it got me to the console, still could do with a gui :D

processor fx8150
ram 12gb

You need Xorg when using a 64-bit kernel.

i did ab xorg
and installed it
when i typed X it said something about xFonts not being avilable even tho it was installed


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