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4.4 scm browser installing seamonkey gives md5 error but status bar says success



Jason W:
Is anyone else seeing this?  Seamonkey's md5 checks out ok on the server, and I updated it on my own system with the scmbrowser successfully last night once the new version was uploaded.


--- Quote from: Jason W on March 27, 2012, 08:50:44 AM ---Is anyone else seeing this?
--- End quote ---
Using 4.3.1 (not 4.4), tried an install and md5 test - both seem OK.

I have now seen this issue twice with different scms.  Having tried deleting the scms and md5 files then re-installed from ibiblio the ScmBrowser reports success but the md5 check reports failure and the apps refuse to load.

The first time this was experienced I assumed it was user error due to unfamiliarity and eventually deleted and recreated the test environment.  Now it has arisen again I am interested to learn how jls_legalize resolved the problem.


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