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troublefree using wbar when work with several desktop managers


in some desktop managers like lxde, xfce4, enlightenment etc.
wbar requires --above-desk option to correct displaying
but in some other desktop managers like jwm
use of this option causes problems

so that each time not to change wbar options manually
when work with several desktop managers
i suggest that following simple script /opt/tc_wbar_options.sh

--- Code: ---#!/bin/sh
[ "$(version)" \< "4.5" ] || WBARCONF=${WBARCONF}conf
[ -f $WBARCONF ] && OPTIONS=`sed 's/ --above-desk//g' $WBARCONF`
case `cat /etc/sysconfig/desktop` in
    lxde|xfce) echo "$OPTIONS --above-desk" > $WBARCONF ;;
    *) [ "$OPTIONS" ] && echo $OPTIONS > $WBARCONF ;;
--- End code ---
run from /opt/bootlocal.sh

--- Code: ---echo /opt/tc_wbar_options.sh >> /opt/bootlocal.sh
--- End code ---


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