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how to make so that all extentions icons to fit on wbar?

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dear curaga, thanks
i used halign="right" valign="bottom" options
but x="0" y="-1" options actually works better and without any issues

but some reason jwm did not starts soon after tinycore boot
it requires exit to command prompt and again run startx
i suspect that this occurs because unicode lang boot option  is set

--- Quote ---tc@box:~$ cat /proc/cmdline
quiet waitusb=5 cde showapps vga=792 lang=uk_UA.UTF-8 kmap=qwerty/ua-utf desktop=jwm-snapshot lst=onbootlite.lst
--- End quote ---
but somehow i can't set unicode font such as liberation into jwm theme .jwmrc-theme


--- Quote from: roberts on March 28, 2012, 06:40:39 PM ---
--- Quote from: AbNoRMiS on March 28, 2012, 06:26:12 PM ---dear roberts
vice versa i think and even sure
that adding icons of extensions
that installed ondemand to wbar
is the most successful decision
for using wbar in tinycore

possible might consider change
to /usr/local/bin/wbar.sh
such as the following

--- Quote ---#!/bin/sh
cd "$HOME"
[ -n "$ICONS" ] || ICONS=`cat /etc/sysconfig/icons`
if [ "$ICONS" == "wbar" ]; then
   WBARPID=$(pidof wbar)
   [ -n "$WBARPID" ] && killall wbar
   [ -e .wbar ] && read OPTIONS < .wbar
   case `cat /etc/sysconfig/desktop` in
      flwm*|jwm) ;; #list of desktop managers in which -above-desk option not needed or|and causes problems
      *) OPTIONS="-above-desk $OPTIONS" ;;
   nohup wbar  $OPTIONS  -config /usr/local/tce.icons  >/dev/null &
--- End quote ---
to ensure that wbar not was gone from screen
after applying settings by using wbarconf
in such desktop managers
like lxde, xfce4, enlightenment etc

--- End quote ---
I don't use any of those DEs and don't cross test against other extensions, however I will take your mod as well tested and plan to implement it in the next release cycle. Thanks!

--- End quote ---

I have decided not to hard code extension names into code. Instead -above-desk will be an option in wbarconf GUI.

super :)
especially given that most users use one desktop
or not often change it to another
wbar 2.3.0 is much faster loading and reloading
this is very noticeable when many icons on a slow pc

i would like to propose another few improvements for wbarconf
add displaying parameters size and zoom when moving sliders
and add option --grow to invert the direction of icons growth

it would be nice if when wbarconf starting
then option position would have the same value
as in the config file .wbarconf

What window manager or desktop environment are you using?
I am having some second thoughts as the requested new features do not work the default WM of TinyCore.
Perhaps the fully featured GTK2 wbarconf would be a better option for special features.


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