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how to make so that all extentions icons to fit on wbar?

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question is how make that extensions icons
to fit on wbar and in the vertical ondemand menu
(most of these extensions are loaded as ondemand)
because it already started vertical scrolling in lxde
which is not very convenient

and most important that all extension icons do not fit in the wbar
though even some rarely used extensions icons were excluded
i understand that possible to reduce icons size to fit on the wbar
but can not decrease them to infinity

someone already has done something regarding this issue?

I'm not a user of either lxde nor "ondemand", but I found my wbar getting a bit crowded (though I never actually ran out of room - Is there a limit, besides the screen width?).  In my case I already had a custom menu associated with a "tray" button (in JWM) so i put a submenu there and moved all of the default icons except aterm off of the wbar.  Since I don't find myself using appsbrowser, scmbrowser, appsaudit, mnttool, editor, cpanel and exittc all that often, this was an easy win for me.

Another thing that can help is to play around with the icon labels.  I like to limit them to five characters or less, where possible,("edit" instead of "editor", "apps" instead of "appsbrowser" and so on (Yes, I know those are some of the ones I removed anyway)) and reduce the font size a bit.

wbar does not support scrolling of icons or unlimited icons. As such wbar is really intended for "favorites". Use WbarConf in the control panel to exclude icons. This should help in reducing the icons to "your favorites".

If there is consensus I could remove wbar ondemand icons thus ondemand items would be limited only to supported window manager menus.

Perhaps extend the boot option noicons to also accept the format noicons=ondemand.

Sounds good to me. Will look into its implementation.


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