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4.4 wifi setup

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I`m just setting 4.4 up and I want to connect with a Trendnet TEW-424UB usb unit.
I`ve never used it with tinycore before and I noticed that there is a bunch of wifi
programs.  Which one should I use and how do I set it up.

looks like it's an ADMtek/Infineon adm8211 device.  Drivers for this device may be found in wireless-3.0.21-tinycore.tcz

So you can use " wifi.tcz " which will download all dependencies it needs to connect to an access point. 
Only other possible requirement is firmware..? 

Once downloaded simply select the wifi icon or type " sudo wifi.sh " and follow the prompts to connect to an access point

Thanks for your help coreplayer2.
I installed wifi and all it`s deps .  Has a nice icon on wbar.
However all I get is "no devices found".
It`s a usb stick type of thing and it works ok on w98 in this computer.
What`s the next step to get it working?  Do I have to mount it and if so
how do I do it?

It would help us with the troubleshooting to know the precise ID of the device in question and also know how your TC system reacted. For the former I'd suggest to install the 'usb-utils.tcz' extension and run lsusb -v > lsusb.log (and then attach the resulting file here). For the latter I'd suggest to attach the result of dmesg > dmesg.log (after the 'wifi.tcz' extension had been installed).

It is quite likely that there is just the correct firmware missing, and in most cases the 'dmesg' output contains a hint to that effect. But without knowing ALL the details as suggested above that is just a hunch.

Hopefully the dmesg log will shed some light on the missing link


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