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java-jre - is there a working java-environment in 4.4?

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hi friends,

i seldom use java, but i tested it in microcore from 3.0 until 3.6 with openoffice and minefield and it worked well.
now with core 4.4 i use libreoffice3.5.scm, icecat and minefield9, and the sun-jre.tcz doesn't seem to work anymore.
it's the same with sun-jre7.tcz, openjdk-7-jre.tcz, openjdk-6-jre.tcz.
in libreoffice3.5, under the menue options, no ondemand installed java-jre is shown,
in the browsers the typical java testpages don't show a working java-environment.

actually i don't need java on a daily base, but i'm just curious whether the java-packages of the repository are still working and perhaps which packages you successfully use with which configurations!?

thank you for your replies and hints.

i actually use sun-jre (version 6) on 4.2 tinycore and it works.
I did not know that there was a version 7 of the same.
I think I'll have to do many tests as I get access to a faster connection.


--- Quote from: netnomad on March 24, 2012, 12:50:06 PM ---no ondemand installed java-jre is shown

--- End quote ---
Does this mean you are using java ondemand?  If it is ondemand it won't work until you logout and relogin.

the sun-jre info says:

--- Quote ---You need to relogin or reboot to have java in PATH.
--- End quote ---
but i think not necessary relogin or reboot
need add the environment variable JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/java-sun/jre
so sun-jre7 will work and for example in the opera-11 on about:plugins can see

--- Quote ---Java(TM) Plug-in 1.7.0
Description: The next generation Java plug-in for Mozilla browsers.
--- End quote ---

export JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/java-sun/jre

hi robc,

i can confirm your hint: after installing sun-jre.tcz (version6), logout and relogin,  i can load java in libreoffice3.5.
but nevertheless minefield9 isn't able to load or play java-applets...
... could you imagine reasons for this malfunction?
about:plugins shows no loaded plugins.

thank you for your contribution.


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